Calystos is a time-to-market driven software crafting company. Thanks to Agile Methodologies SCRUM and DevOps, we are able to deliver value at high frequency.

Our services

Our Services

Software developments and integrations

We develop your custom solutions with modern, adapted technologies and architectures to support our objective of delivering your product quickly and frequently. We are able to integrate your existing systems and make them communicate or cooperate so that you always have the most relevant information to carry out your business.

IT Architecture audit

Our expertise in software architecture will give you a clear view of the maturity and scalability of your IT solutions. We offer you to provide you with a 360 view of your business processes and how they are supported both functionally and technically (virtualization strategy, cloud computing...).

Scrum and DevOps methodology advisory

To deliver value more quickly and frequently we rely on agile methodologies such as SCRUM and DevOps. We can provide you with our expertise with these methodologies to help your organization evolve towards greater agility.

Our Values


Agile principles are at the heart of our organization. Applying methodologies according to the rules of the art has for us much value. Why? Because each artifact, ritual or deliverable brings meaning to the overall objective of bringing business value, reducing the feedback loop and achieving continuous delivery.

Lean Adopters

Always looking for adding business value to our customers following lean principles like eliminating "waste" (everything not adding value), delivering as fast as possible and empowering teams.

Fast Delivery

Our tools, our architectural choices and the methodologies we use all point in the direction of being faster on the market with frenquent releases. Our ability to implement a culture of continuous delivery will be crucial to provide new features for your customers.

Quality First

We do not compromise on quality. We put great emphasis on testing, security and reliability of the solutions we develop.

Strong Expertise

We invest a lot of time to master all the elements involved in the development process such as programming languages, frameworks, tools and methodologies.

Open Minded

We attach great importance to remaining open-minded about new technologies. We are always listening to you to consider a plan B. We encourage open source and support the collaborative culture it creates.


Calystos is part of a larger group

We are proud to be in the same family as Exxoss and Datelex. Our complementary activities may address broader needs that you have.


Exxoss' first priority is and will always be the maintenance of your online services. Therefore, we offer you a 24h/7d monitoring with our best engineers staying alert to any critical issue.


Thanks to its multi-tenant Cloud knowledge, Exxoss has the confidence to introduce itself as your private counsil for the implementation of your cloud strategies.


Exxoss is specialized in low latency networks from 1G to 100G. We study and put in practice alongside our trusted partners, Netgear & Mellanox, in order to implement and monitor your network facilities.


Exxoss has his foot in the most strategically located datacenters in Europe. We are able to offer you tailored services handeled 24h/7d.

Get In Touch

Contact Details

We would be happy to discuss your needs and projects with you. Our main offices are located in Brussels but we also have a presence in Liege thanks to our friends from Exxoss.

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